• Static Content Delivery
    BlazingCDN is a large network of servers deployed across the world to serve static resources.
  • Video & Streaming CDN
    For live video streaming and video delivery via CDN, fastly delivery to any point in the world.
  • High Traffic Websites Acceleration
    Perfect solution for Media, Publishers, AD agencies, Video websites and others, to accelerate your website.
  • Software & Gaming
    Deliver high-bandwidth software & game static content, speedily to your global audience.
Static Content Delivery
The best solution to reduce load times, improve performance, and reduce bandwidth and infrastructure costs. Smart caching, 100% availability, Mitigating a DDoS attack, support for next-gen file formats, and more.
  • Best solution for High-Bandwidth projects with a Single Global Rate
  • Smart caching, 100% availability, support all file formats, and more
  • Reduce CDN Costs up to 80%
Video & Streaming CDN
BlazingCDN for streaming video helps a stream reach viewers around the world, minimizes latency and buffering time, and ensures that the stream's source or origin server is not overwhelmed with requests.
  • Highest Speed & Smooth Playback of live and on-demand videos
  • MP4/HLS/MPEG-DASH/CMAF playback support for all platforms and devices
  • Hotlink protection and token authentication keeps content private and secure
High Traffic Websites Acceleration
Our product is offered for all types of Enterprises. From small media websites to pages, which are heavily loaded with online content. For Enterprise we can customize our platform separately, so you can be sure that we will meet your requirements!
  • High-Performance Guarantee
  • 50+ Tbps Private Global Backbone
  • Unlimited requests + Global coverage
Software & Gaming Acceleration
Fast & High-Quality Services without any uptime, when playing, downloading or updating your products. Speed up your projects with BlazingCDN!
  • Enterprise solutions for large files, downloads, updates, and content serving
  • Dynamic web acceleration for Games, VR, Mobile games, Apps
  • Up to 15x Lower Cost in compared with TOP 15 CDNs
Fast Object Storage
Our object storage provides reliability and continuity to your business operations while reducing the risk of latency, outages, and downtime. All content is stored in our highly redundant and secure European and USA data centres. The best alternative for AWS S3, Azure Blob Storage, IBM Cloud Object Storage and Google Cloud Storage.
  • Accelerated uploads by Swift and FTP protocols
  • More secured Enterprise-Grade cloud Object Storage
  • Easy Integration with any services and devices
Image Optimization <coming soon>
We support all systems, so you can easily upload and store your images. Upload your photos once and let them stay with us and your website forever. You won't lose anything with our instant copies of your graphics.
  • Dynamically updating the width and height
  • Make your data faster and save bandwidth
  • Minimize your load times in real time

High Quality Service for everyone

  • You don't have a CDN?
    CDN deliver static content faster CDN enables global reach 100% percent global availability
  • Already have a CDN,
    but want to change?
    Reduce Costs up to 90% Next-Gen High Performance Network Fast, Scalable, Reliable
  • Already have a CDN,
    but don't want to change?
    Super-Fast CDN switching Reduce CDN Costs up to 90% 200% percent global availability
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