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If your company is looking for stable and reliable CDN partner in the field of Anycast CDN or video CDN contact directly with us.
General Features
  • HTTP/2
  • HLS protocol
  • Custom&Total Purge Cache
  • Instant cache purging
  • Advanced API
  • Custom CNAME hostnames
  • Override expire headers
  • Bandwidth overdraft protection
  • Cache query strings
  • Min requests to cache management
  • HTTP streaming
  • Byte range requests
  • Video CDN
  • High performance Cloud Storage
  • GZIP-archives caching
  • 20 global TIER 4 Data Centers
  • Intelligent routing
  • Free Anycast DNS
  • 99.999% uptime
  • NVMe powered
  • World leading providers, PCCW, NTT, Cogent, IPTP, Century Link
  • Automatic healing
  • Rate limiting
  • 95%+ cache HIT rate
  • Tier 1 networks
  • < 29ms USA&EU latency
  • Free one-click Let's Encrypt SSL
  • Supereasy SSL installation
  • 2FA
  • Multilevel Hotlink Protection
  • Origin Shield
  • SSL origin
  • CORS headers management
  • SSL origin support
  • Hotlinking protection
  • IP blacklisting
  • HTTP Strict-Transport-Security
  • Statistics per Pull Zone
  • Traffic statistics
  • Bandwidth statistics
  • Cache, non-cache statistics
  • Requests, https/http hits
  • Credit Card payments (Stripe)
  • PayPal payments
  • Subscriptions
  • Pay As You Go
  • 24/7/365
  • Fast email support
  • Ticketing support system
  • FAQ
  • Best performance
    Content delivered with blazing speed all around the world. Cutting-edge technology is here!
  • Full control
    User friendly experience together with great quality. Intuitive panel is waiting for you!
  • Safe and Secure
    Your online content is protected all the time. BlazingCDN keeps it safe!
Intuitive Control Panel
Extremely user friendly panel gives you total control of your System!
  • 1
    Easy Pull Zone Managment One click, one change. It is really easy.
  • 2
    Raw Log Explorer You want to make analysis? You want to go deeper in your data? No worries, we will help you.
  • 3
    Powerful Security Features Safety. We really care about it and it is up to you, how you will configure your CDN.
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Choose the best!
Stop overpaying, but keep high standards. This is the philosophy of our brand, which we want to share with you! Be amazed with BlazingCDN!
Trust our experts!
Dedicated experts will help you with whole onboarding process. You are not a technician. Rely on us. We will do our best, so you will see benefits from using BlazingCDN from a very first day!
Reduce your costs!
Our Customers save around 46% of their CDN costs with us. We can help you to make this number even bigger. Try BlazingCDN even today!
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