The Optimal Alternative to StackPath and Akamai for Enterprise Clients

BlazingCDN: The Optimal Alternative to StackPath and Akamai for Enterprise Clients

In recent news, Akamai Technologies revealed its acquisition of select enterprise customer contracts from StackPath, following the latter’s decision to end its content delivery network operations. While this move by Akamai has been considered significant in expanding its enterprise offerings, there’s an emerging alternative that enterprises might want to consider: BlazingCDN.

Why BlazingCDN Over Akamai?

1. Cost Efficiency: For a vast segment of corporate clients, making a transition to BlazingCDN can lead to considerable financial savings. In the dynamic world of content delivery and cloud computing, being cost-efficient is essential for any enterprise, and BlazingCDN provides this advantage.

2. Customized CDN Infrastructure: Notably, for the top 5 corporate clients, BlazingCDN offers an exclusive opportunity. The firm is ready to design and establish a turnkey private CDN infrastructure. This means these top-tier enterprises won’t have to be dependent on StackPath or Akamai ever again, ensuring more control over their content delivery mechanisms.

3. Seamless Transition: Akamai has mentioned a transition service agreement lasting 90 days with StackPath. However, with BlazingCDN, the transition is designed to be seamless, ensuring business continuity without hiccups.

A Glimpse at the Akamai-StackPath Deal

Akamai’s acquisition includes around 100 enterprise customer contracts. This transaction is predicted to generate an approximate revenue of $20 million for Akamai, enhancing the non-GAAP earnings per share by $0.03 – 0.05 for the entire year of 2024. No significant impact on revenue or non-GAAP earnings per share is expected for the third quarter or the entirety of 2023. It’s crucial to note that this transaction does not comprise the procurement of StackPath’s personnel or technology.

The Verdict

While Akamai’s expansion move might seem promising to some, BlazingCDN presents itself as a reliable and efficient alternative for enterprises that seek more than just the conventional. With cost-saving solutions and the offer of creating a private infrastructure, BlazingCDN stands as a formidable competitor in the content delivery landscape.