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You can lower your expenses even by 80%!
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Why blazingCDN is better?
If you are not sure, why to choose BlazingCDN based on provided graphs, have a look below!

BlazingCDN has great performance and uptime results. We are constantly developing our network to improve our service on daily basis.

We are using well-known and best infrastructure all around the world, so our product is 100% reliable and fault-tolerant.  It is really easy to setup your CDN with us, as we have designed it to work with every type of business. There is no difference if you are small blogger or huge company, which operates globally. This tool is for you. What is more, it has a lot of advanced features, which you can use together with CDN.


You can choose from various types of tariffs, when choosing BlazingCDN. If you want, you can also use PAYG model. What is more, you can take a 7-day trial period as well!

Our Pay As You Go plan is equal all around the world and it is $0.005 per GB. Our standard plans start from $21.25 for 5TB, so it is up to you, which option you will choose. Please remember, that there is no commitment to our service and you can resign every single month.

All our prices can be checked here

BlazingCDN support team is here for you 24/7/365.

We will answer your questions within seconds and offer you solutions, which might be missed by you. We have created huge Knowledge Base as well, so maybe your questions are already answered!

What is more, we want to share our thoughts about your CDN usage, so we will contact with you directly from time to time! We really think, that Customer Support is one of the most important features nowadays, so we keep highest standards by working only with experts with huge experience in CDN and hosting industry.

Already have a CDN with someone else? Improve Your Multi-CDN Strategy.
Build Multi-CDN Infrastructure
Multi-CDN allows you to double your coverage map with 100% uptime even during provider outages.
Save up to 80% with Our Infrastructure
Our Customers save around 80% of their CDN costs with us. We can help you to make this number even bigger!
24/7 Expert Support
Dedicated experts will help you with whole onboarding process, so you will see benefits from using BlazingCDN right away!
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