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  • Premium Datacenters
  • Tier 1 Network Partners
  • NVMe + SSD Powered Servers
  • Global PoP coverage
  • Security Features Included
  • Unlimited HTTP(S) requests
  • Dedicated Infrastructure
  • < 29 ms USA & EU latency

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 Google CDN
New-Gen Tier 1 Network
Average Global Latency
<35 ms
green zone
<30 ms
green zone
Traffic Pricing
100 TB - World
91% savings
FREE by Request (include in CDN services)
Extra costs
Minimum contract term
Pay us you Go
24/7 Support
Email, Ticket
Extra Cost
Hotlinking protection
API Integration
Realtime Statistics
Free One-Click SSL
Origin Shield
Instant Cache Purge
Static Content Caching
Website Acceleration
Streaming Video
Video Delivery
Large file delivery
Ease of Setup
Raw Logs
Custom rules & configs
Free requests
Dedicated CDN
Dedicated IP
no info
New PoPs location opening
Dedicated Edge servers
Mitigating a DDoS attack
Join the fastest growing CDN in the world
Powerful Performance & Features
BlazingCDN utilizes IP anycast and our latency based routing technology for leading performance.
Up to 15x Lower Cost
Our Customers save around 90% of their CDN costs with us. We can help you to make this number even bigger!
24/7 Expert Support
Dedicated experts will help you with whole onboarding process, so you will see benefits from using BlazingCDN right away!