AWS S3 CDN Integration

How to speed up your Amazon S3 file delivery with BlazingCDN

1. Log in to the AWS Console and navigate to S3.

2. Create an S3 bucket (define the Bucket Name and the Region).

3. Turning off “Block all public access”.

4. Go to Bucket Permissions, add a Bucket Policy and replace 
“example-bucket” with your S3 bucket name.

“Principal”: “*”,

5. Upload content to your S3 bucket.

6. Find your bucket public URL.

After you have successfully created a bucket and uploaded a file, click on the uploaded file in the list, and copy the Object URL (without filename).

7. Next, sign in to your BlazingCDN panel, open the Anycast CDN and Create a new pull zone.

First, select a name for your zone, and then paste the copied URL part from step 6 into the Pull zone name field, for example:

After creating a pull zone, you get a system domain link.

8. Test your new Pull Zone.

After the server configuration finishes, you can test if BlazingCDN is correctly integrated with your Amazon S3 bucket.

Visit your newly created pull zone hostname and append one of the uploaded files as the URL, for example in our case:

https ://

If everything was correctly set up, you should now see your uploaded file supercharged by BlazingCDN.

*If you use S3 for Static website hosting, you need to enable this option in S3 settings. Go to bucket Properties, choose “Static website hosting”, and enable it.

In the BlazingCDN panel, you need to activate: “HTTP/2”, “Shared SSL”, and “Use origin shield” for more traffic economy.

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