• Commission
    Once you decide to withdraw your money we make you a PayPal transfer. We offer you 10% from every single invoice!
  • Lifetime balance
    You can keep your balance forever. If you want to spend it on our service it is also possible!
  • Recurring Payment
    We grant you money from all paid invoices from your referral link!
  • Campaign materials
    We will give you BlazingCDN materials, if you need!
How it works and for whom it is?
If you are a blogger, you have site with reviews or you are active on Facebook groups dedicated to such things as WordPress our affiliate program might be for you! It is very easy to start cooperation with us, as you have just to login into our panel and generate your own referral link. We will give you the insight about results you are achieving on a daily basis. If you are interested signup to BlazingCDN!
Become a partner!
Start earning money by promoting BlazingCDN now!
Already have a CDN with someone else? Improve Your Multi-CDN Strategy.
Build Multi-CDN Infrastructure
Multi-CDN allows you to double your coverage map with 100% uptime even during provider outages.
Save up to 80% with Our Infrastructure
Our Customers save around 80% of their CDN costs with us. We can help you to make this number even bigger!
24/7 Expert Support
Dedicated experts will help you with whole onboarding process, so you will see benefits from using BlazingCDN right away!
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